Script and execute a generative system

Invent, script and execute a generative system. A generative system uses rules to dictate how a form or experience is produced.

Consider the readings and lecture when forming your system. Most relevant are themes of concept, algorithm, indeterminacy, randomness, automation, order and serendipity.

Your end product may take any form. The end product (medium, format and size) will likely be written into the system that you script. If your system does not dictate a format, it is up to you to package your project in a clear and engaging form.

This is a one week project. Spend the bulk of your time constructing your system, with the output being as “perfunctory affair” as possible. It is essential that you have your system written down and are able to articulate it clearly. Initiate and complete the project by next class.

Consult the lecture post for precedents


* To prioritize concept over end form
* To see what unexpected form results from rules, directions or constraints
* To create a finished work in a very short amount of time


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