Assignment 2: Collected Book

The activity today was meant to show how a book can hold together without relying on an overly repetitive structure. The books from today’s activity each interweave seemingly disparate elements (parts) to create a varied but cohesive whole (system).

Create a bound book of any size and page count using printouts of other people’s work, found magazines or newspapers, discarded paper and/or other material. Make an effort to collect a variety of material to sort through.

Although your sources will vary, the overall book should hold together as a single work. Consider the paper type, the trim size, the placement of type and images. Although there are factors you can control, the trimming of the book will produce unexpected internal proportions. Do not be concerned with the subject matter of the pages.

Do not collage or add marks to the printouts. You are gathering, arranging, sequencing, folding, rotating, trimming and binding only. Take risks within this small gamut. Be prepared to present what systems are at play in your book next week.


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