Final Book

For my final I tried to remove myself from the process as a designer and let google’s search algorithm create a unique visual system. Using search similar, I started with an image, took a page of search results, grabbed the last image from the results and placed it in the next search. I continued this until the results created a strange circular gradient with thousands of images that wound up thematically where it started. I imagined myself putting an image in the ‘machine’, stepping back and letting google do all the work, but the project required intervention on my part.

Since google image results look like a typology of sorts, I started with a waterpower- a nod to the classic typology by Bernd and Hilla Becher. Watertowers soon turned into images of architecture, which turned into people, which gave way to amorphous bright blue landscapes, which eventually turned into sea bouys. The thematic similarity between bouts and water towers was not lost on me, and the circle seemed like a fitting and fortuitous ending to my final book and visual systems.


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