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í Final project: Create a systems project of your choice
Wed, Apr 24

Due last day of class

Create a systems project of your choice. Define system as you wish: as a finite set of parts that form a whole, or as rules or instructions that generate a result. Or define it as both.

Suitable projects range from the familiar to the obscure. Some examples:

1. A set of postage stamps
2. A set of book cover jackets
3. Wayfinding systems or waylosing systems
4. Process Book
5. Software
6. Short film using system as method
7. Installation/Live Act/Walking Tour
8. Typographic system
9. A system for organizing live information

Your end-of-semester deliverable depends on the project. We can discuss deliverables based on the project next week. For unprinted works, a process book may be your deliverable.

Be sure to take on a project that interests you and for which you can justifiably say is a system. Avoid client projects and assignments from other classes because outside constraints often effect the direction your project takes. Take risks, stretch your work in these final weeks of your junior year.

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Oscar Bluemner
R. Veu Portland High St.
BR Garuyand

William E. Bunn
White on Commander’s
Tree foliage repainted
Heathusting buildings

Leo Castelli

Joseph Cornell

Margaret De Patta
Simons – ring sized
D Johnson – ring
Nanny – bracelet
Nanny – jade ring
DE – ring dup.
Elisa – rep + des
Nanny – emerald + dia ring.
Julie – size ring
Nanny – Tuomalia Rings
Nanny – Tuo – Dia Dos
Adelle – ring
Johnson – earring screens
Nanny – Name ring
Johnson – Pear pix
DOUSH – Wind structure
Zeebu – Products
Arruci House – ring
Suzanne – bacalia f. wick
Augols – 2 pebble pins
Augols – 2 wire structures
Mort – cufflinks – strings pines
Fish – earrings
Ernst – ring
Dee – Pendant
Dee Ring
Suzanne – watch bracelet
Pauline – apria pin
Nanny – 3 bands
Ernst – Emearld des
Tiq – pin
America House – 2 bands
Nanny – pin – amethyst + pearls
Uhlmann – pin wire structures
Szanne – Earrings
Ernst – Pin
America House – Band
Dulcie J – size 2 rings
Henke – Rap
Zachs – 2 bands
Mike – p + chain
A House – ring
Home – 2 rings
Stocksdale – Dia ring
Watson – Ring
Wright – Bands
Treve – Ring
Helen – new stone
WW – 6 Bands
Larsen rings
Nanny – Dia pin
Adelle – Pendant
Nanny – 5 Rings
Dourning – Ring
Lyons – Ring
Uhlmann – pin
Nanny – Emerald Ring
Berigdou – 2 Rings
Dourning bands

Philip Evergood
in United States
such as

Hugo Gellert
We build the ships to smash the Axis Blitz
3 dots and a dash – making hast out of Japo
are sailing

Frederick Hammersley
graphics is not

Walt Kuhn
Col 5 4458

Charles M. Kurtz
Burning House the Birds

Janice Lowry
call Brian
re wire house?”
new to list
order blinds
meeting with Oscha
finish plates
get paint
fix screens
contact Gypsy
Date Brent Graduates
Plates/glass pieces to summer set studio
get vacum 9-5
Ads to Restaurant
Call DCS
get Vaccuum
go to bank
get sunglasses
get saw (small)
grocery shop – meat?
Dog food
Go to my Art Show
go to Bowers
Dog Res.
order Brents pic
Studio Ready for Art

Reginald Marsh

Ad Reinhart
Whitney 1953

Eero Saarinen

Ludwig Sander
OR-5 7027
Ava B

Juta Savage

Charles Green Shaw

Everett Shinn
Orchestre pit

Joan Snyder,

Henry Ossawa Tanner

Carol Thompson


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Handwriting using Capital Letters

í Script and execute a generative system
Wed, Apr 17

Due next week

Invent, script and execute a generative system. A generative system uses rules to dictate how a form or experience is produced.

Consider the readings and lecture when forming your system. Most relevant are themes of concept, algorithm, indeterminacy, randomness, automation, order and serendipity.

Your end product may take any form. The end product (medium, format and size) will likely be written into the system that you script. If your system does not dictate a format, it is up to you to package your project in a clear and engaging form.

This is a one week project. Spend the bulk of your time constructing your system, with the output being as “perfunctory affair” as possible. It is essential that you have your system written down and are able to articulate it clearly. Initiate and complete the project by next class.

Consult the lecture post for precedents


* To prioritize concept over end form
* To see what unexpected form results from rules, directions or constraints
* To create a finished work in a very short amount of time

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