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5 Unit 4: Open System

í Final project: Create a systems project of your choice
Wed, Apr 24

Due last day of class

Create a systems project of your choice. Define system as you wish: as a finite set of parts that form a whole, or as rules or instructions that generate a result. Or define it as both.

Suitable projects range from the familiar to the obscure. Some examples:

1. A set of postage stamps
2. A set of book cover jackets
3. Wayfinding systems or waylosing systems
4. Process Book
5. Software
6. Short film using system as method
7. Installation/Live Act/Walking Tour
8. Typographic system
9. A system for organizing live information

Your end-of-semester deliverable depends on the project. We can discuss deliverables based on the project next week. For unprinted works, a process book may be your deliverable.

Be sure to take on a project that interests you and for which you can justifiably say is a system. Avoid client projects and assignments from other classes because outside constraints often effect the direction your project takes. Take risks, stretch your work in these final weeks of your junior year.

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